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Forfatter: Penguin Group USA

Transform your iPhone or iPod Touch into the ultimate MI6 covert weapon with the FREE Alex Rider Ultimate Gadget app!

Enter the world of Anthony Horowitz’s #1 international bestselling book series Alex Rider! Whether hunting murderous Asian gangs, ruthless criminal organizations in the Middle East, American cyber-terrorists in Britain, or Russian villains bent on global annihilation, fourteen-year-old spy Alex Rider is saving the world one mission at a time.

Now you can join the world of international espionage as an agent for MI6—Britain’s top-secret intelligence agency. Arm yourself with high-tech gadgets, receive mission notifications, recruit agents and join Alex Rider on his next mission!

- GADGETS: X-Ray, Infrared and Night Vision, Lie Detector, Hypnotizer, Bug Finder and more!
- MISSION FILES: Excerpts from all nine books in the series including an exclusive seven-chapter giveaway of book one: STORMBREAKER
- FOOTAGE: Trailers and video message from author Anthony Horowitz
- AGENT INFO: Recruit agents and receive assignments from the chief executive of the Special Operations Division of MI6